2018 Creative Trends

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creative maja trends 2018 from shutterstock


Discover the biggest image, video, and music styles of the year, from major trends to local favorites.

Every year, Shutterstock customers across the world make billions of searches for images, footage, and music. Our data and creative teams analyze this search and download data to discover the biggest year-over-year increases. With the information gathered, plus expert knowledge from our content, design, video, and music teams, we identify the trends that will continue to grow throughout 2018.

From major trends that will dominate popular culture to trends to watch that will burst onto the design scene, these are the top 11 styles to emerge in the coming year. Scroll through the infographic to see each one, and be sure to get all the way to the bottom to see our “trend to watch,” which we think will be inescapable this year.

Stay ahead with our trend insights, then see how you can make cutting-edge creative projects in 2018 with our hand-selected images, footage, and music for the trends. Check out our coverage of these trends throughout the year, including tips, tutorials, and trendspotting.

From mythical beasts to magical landscapes, symbols and styles of the fantasy genre help us slip into another world. Game of Thrones has dominated pop culture for several years, but new ventures, like the recently announced Lord of the Rings TV series, bring fresh interest to this age-old genre.

Dani Colarelli

Dani Colarelli

I am Danielle, an English mum of two little ones. I have always had a passion for getting creative with a pen, as I love to write songs and sing. Now, I would like to write for you your company story and take your customers to a world of imagination.

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