SEO & Maintenance

Content Creation

Optimised content that is informative, well written and provides value to your visitors, helps to increase your Google ranking. Analytics from your visitor’s behaviour provides Google with signals on how valuable your content is, which over time, increases your ranking.

Keyword Research

We conduct keyword research to enable us to plan and optimise your content for keywords phrases your target customers search for on Google such as the names of your products, services, locations and exploratory questions.

Competitive Analysis

We identify your online competitors and evaluate their website and digital marketing strategies to determine their strengths and weaknesses relative to your product or service pages in order to create an effective marketing strategy.

Website Audit

Website audits allow us to analyse your website to discover technical SEO issues and examine the targeting and quality of the copywriting and website’s backlink profile to enable us to fix issues and make improvements to your website.

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Creative Maja Web Designe Agency in Bournemouth

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